It's been a long night (or should that be a short night!) with the big nom nom kid waking at 4.30am and then the littlest nom nom kid waking at 5.30am. The latter stayed awake until 7am and then finally went back to sleep. It's Bank Holiday Monday and we have plans to go out for the day so i've just made a super speedy breakfast for Nancy in a pouch ready to be eaten in the car.


Tightly screw a lid on your pouch (this is not the time to forget this important step!)

Place 1 Weetabix into a pouch (it's a tight squeeze but it just fits perfectly)

warm up 90ml of milk (whole milk, formula or breast milk) and add to the pouch.

seal the pouch carefully and give it a squeeze to mix the contents together.

Leave to cool before giving the pouch to your child. Submerge the pouch in cold water to cool it down quicker.

This can even be prepared the night before and heated in hot water when needed.

Enjoy a mess free, spoon free, quick breakfast!!




May 26, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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