Try Alternatives to Sandwiches

Let's face it, the majority of us have a sandwich or a roll in our lunch boxes. They are easy and filling but what if you filled your child's lunch box with other options? Do you lack inspiration for things to make or would you run out of ideas by the end of the week? I think I probably would. Whenever I try to think about something other than a sandwich I end up with Pasta.

There are a few very helpful websites around that can help you make more imaginative alternatives to sandwiches.  My favourites at the moment are:

The Lunch Box Doctor Jenny is mother of 2 with almost 10 years nutrition experience. In 2009 Jenny's daughter declared that she no longer liked sandwiches so Jenny has been finding alternatives ever since and has built a career around it. She has weekly menu plans and recipes to follow on the website.

Kids Lunch Jyoti is a mum to 3 girls and she blogs about their lunches. They are in her words "simple and healthy" but they are also varied and well liked by her daughters who she admits can be as fussy as any other child at times.

I plan to try out a few of the recipes on both websites for both of my little ones. How about you?

January 09, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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