We all have new year resolutions for ourselves such as eat more healthily, create less waste etc but what about extending this to your childs lunch box too?

 - Use less wasteful packaging
 - Provide more healthy foods
 - Provide a wider variety of foods

The Nom Nom Kids reusable food pouch can help with all of these! We will give you a new tip every day this week to help make lunch boxes better for your kids and the environment!

So Monday's tip is.......

 - Ditch the "frubes" and use your Nom Nom Kids Reusable Food Pouch to send in yogurt. A frube only contains 40g of yogurt which isn't much at all and the wrapper is thrown away in the bin (or left to splatter your child's lunch box with leftovers) .

In our reusable pouch you can pack in upto 100g of your chosen yogurt/fromage frais.  Buy a large 500g pot of yogurt and decant into your pouches. Most yogurts will keep upto 5 days after opening so you have a yogurt for every day of the week from one pot. Adding extra ingredients will stretch it even further so maybe you can also enjoy some yogurt too!

You can buy flavoured yougurts or of course you could buy plain yogurts and add your own fruit puree. See our great yogurt tips below:

  • Plain Soya Yogurt + a spoonful of pureed strawberries & Blueberries. Soya yogurt contains a lot less sugars but the similar amounts of calcium and vitamins as dairy based yogurts.
  • Greek Yogurt + spoonful of honey (only if your child is 12months or older)
  • Vanilla yogurt on it's own is really tasty
  • Plain yogurt + pureed kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruit contains more vitamin C than any other fruit.
  • Plain yogurt + pureed banana. So simple and so tasty. Add extra honey too if you like it.
  • Plain yogurt + pureed apple + cinnamon
  • If you have any ice cubes of fruit puree left after weaning. Add 1 or 2 into a pouch of yogurt for an extra hit of fruit. The ice cube will keep the yogurt cool until lunchtime.

Come back tomorrow for some more great tips!


January 06, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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