Thank you for picking up your free Nom Nom Kids Reusable Pouch!


You can fill the pouch with all kinds of pureed food, yogurt, smoothies and puddings. Anything that is smooth or lightly textured with 'bits' no larger than a baby's fingernail.

The pouches are great for storing baby food for weaning and fab for older babies and toddlers to feed themselves snacks on the go or at home. After use just pop the cap back on until you can wash the pouch and then clean it by hand or in the dishwasher before re-using again and again!

The pouch holds around 130ml (4.5oz) of food which you spoon or pour in at the side by opening the zip lock seal. We don't recommend using these for 'drinks' other than thick smoothies or it might make a mess when squeezed.

We are giving our pouches away to show how you can help save waste by re-using them upto 40 times rather than buying and disposing of store bought pouches which go to landfill. For those of you that have never used pouches...give it a go. They are a really convenient way to give on the go snacks to toddlers, pre-schooles or even older mess, no fuss!

The pouches we are giving away might have a little flaw...nothing that affects their use but one might have a bit of a wonky spout, or maybe the print is a bit off center, the spout might just be a bit messy or the zipper could be a bit close to the edge. Whatever the issue the pouch will still work perfectly well but as it's not perfect we didn't want to sell them...They are too good to throw away though so we find fantastic local charities to donate them to.

If you would like to give your pouch a go, please read our user instructions

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