Pumpkin weaning recipes & toddler recipes October 04 2017, 0 Comments

I love October. The leaves are falling and the fun of Halloween is coming. I love seeing all the pumpkins for sale and it's great to eat pumpkin and squash when it's readily available and local. We have collected together some amazing recipes for babies and toddlers to use this fantastic ingredient whilst it's so abundant...Click on the images to be taken directly to the original recipes.

Look out in your local shops for Pumpkins being sold cheap and get batch cooking for your little ones!

Pumpkin with carrot and salmon from Babies Kitchen

This is a lovely weaning recipe from 7 months. Click on the image for the original Dutch recipe or click here for the translated recipe via Google Translate 

salmon pumpkin and carrot 

Coconut, Pumpkin, Green Beans and Chickpea Puree

Super healthy baby puree from Kat's Delicious Kitchen, suitable for 6 months+.

coconut pumpkin green bean

Beetroot and Pumpkin Puree or Mash from Plum Organics

This recipe originally for Plum featured on the Made for mums website. (original link no longer exists) suitable for weaning from 6months+

beetroot and pumpkin recipe

Pumpkin Falafal from Kats Delicious Kitchen

We love this blog and this delicious falafal recipe can be used long after Halloween. Suitable for baby weaning and BLW from 7months+.


Mac n Pumpkin from Babies Kitchen

We love a good healthy mac n cheese recipe and this one is so simple and tasty. Suitable from 7 months. Click the image below for the original Dutch recipe or click here for the English recipe.

mac n pumpkin

Pumpkin and Bean Bake from Cooking for Twins

This pasta bake sounds delicious.  Original recipe is suitable for 12 months+ but remove the honey for younger babies and try from 7months+

pumpkin bake

 Pumpkin & Choc chip bread from Our Wild Things

This bread looks so delicious and perfect for a post Halloween treat! I would say suitable from 12 months+ but I'd probably just keep it all for myself :0)

pumpkin bread

Pumpkin Muffins from Babies Kitchen NL

These totally refined sugar free muffins are great for little ones from 7 months! This recipe is originally in Dutch but if you use this link via goggle translate you can get the recipe in English. 

pumpkin muffins

Roast Pumpkin and Capsicum Curry

This is a wonderful autumn puree from Kat's Delicious Kitchen, the curry is not very strong but gives a little extra kick to the taste! suitable from 7 months+.

Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry from Happy Veggie Baby

This curry looks delicious and is great for this time of year as it contains super spices tumeric and ginger. Great for little ones from 7 months and adults too. For babies you can blend or mash.

pumpkin curry

Pumpkin Seeds

Don't forget that you can make delicious snacks from the pumpkin seeds. These are full of goodness and shouldn't be wasted! We followed the roasting advice from Jamie Oliver. We washed and dried the seeds in the oven and then tossed them in Olive oil, salt and Chilli flakes. Hubby and I both have a bag for snacking on today!

pumpkin seeds

Our snack bags are fab for storing the seeds or for taking out for snacking on the go.

Check out your local government website for advice on how to dispose of your carved pumpkins after Halloween. These should be composted rather than thrown in your waste bins to avoid them going to land-fill. In Gloucestershire we place all of our food waste caddies that are collected weekly. We have been advised to chop up our pumpkins and add to the caddy for a kerbside collection.

Happy cooking!