Adventures with The Out Pack July 18 2020, 0 Comments

One of the positives from lockdown has been discovering new local beauty spots. With lock down easing but social distancing still being observed we are all heading out into the great outdoors for adventures.

Just walking along can sometimes get a bit boring to little ones so it's good to have activities available to keep them interested and help them forget how far their little legs are carrying them.

A brand new business that popped up based on this revelation is The Out Pack! Mum of three, EJ has developed a back pack filled with everything you can need for a fun adventure in the great outdoors!

the out pack bag in action

The Out Pack has been developed with the environment and our children's development in mind.


"We've worked to ensure that anything plastic is durable and will last.

Anything paper or wood is recycled or ethically sourced. 

It's not much good showing kids an environment to love if we don't look after it in the process, right?"

Skill Set

Being outside with children promotes and develops a lot of positive skills.

Some of the key ones are: teamwork, communication, kindness, problem-solving & respect.


Children learn through play and experience, so they will of course learn with The Out Pack. After a trip or two they'll be reading maps, identifying all the trees & grabbing you a dock leaf after the nettles get you! 

the out pack contents

I was honoured to have my reusable products included in this awesome product after EJ had been using them herself on her own adventures with her 3 children.

Go follow the Outpack over on Instagram and check out their website where you can get yourself a bag to encourage adventures over the summer.