I said that I wouldn't really make any New year Resultions this year but I’ve found myself keeping a mental list that seems to get added to on an hourly basis so I thought it was time to write it down…..at least if I make this public, I might actually do some of it! I wonder how this compares to your's?

  • Eat more as a family… Over the last year I have managed to make more meals that we all eat together as a family but hubby and I would like to lose a bit of mum and dad fat so I’m looking for low sugar, low carb but not necessarily low fat meals options that we can all enjoy together.
  • Exercise!…I know that this is probably on everyone’s list!  I love riding my old Dutch Bike so I’m going to try to add in a few bike rides a week, start Zumba again, hubby and I plan to do some yoga at home….and dance in the kitchen each time a good song comes on the radio! Add that onto the school run and hopefully I can feel a bit fitter by the summer. I also want to inspire the kids to be active and stay happy biking, running and jumping.
  • Save more waste…I am going to start each week with a proper meal plan, shop accordingly and then stick to it! I always freeze left overs or give to hubby for lunch but there’s  a few things that regularly get left in the fridge at the end of the week so I am going to cook/blend and freeze before it goes off. Bread will be blitzed for bread crumbs. Veg can be made into sauces or roasted. I will post some tips soon!
  • Save money on food…see above.
  • More than 5-a-day…. I am looking at increasing our fruit and veg intake so we can smash the 5-a-day rule and feel a bit healthier. We do really well some days and badly on others. I would like to increase the veg more than fruit so I’m looking at new meals but also more smoothies for all of us containing beetroot, spinach, and carrots.
  • Spend more quality time with the kids (not on my phone or working). I have found it really hard to balance the business, cooking and cleaning with being a mum to 2 little ones. Now that Stanley is at school and Nancy will be at Pre-school I want to make the most of the time I have to work and the most of the time that I have with the kids.
  • Be a better “housewife”… having a home business does not help to keep your house tidy! I’m not the tidiest person anyway (my mum, husband, sister and anyone I’ve lived or worked with will agree). Add kids to the mix and the house is a mess most of the time.
  • De-clutter the house!
  • Finally decorate the kids bedroom.
  • Be more productive.

I could actually keep going but I think I might be setting myself up for a fall if I keep writing! I have a separate list of New Years Resolution for the business. One of which is to get as many parents to know about our pouches so we can all reduce waste – be it from disposable packaging or leftovers, save money and feed our little ones more home cooked, home made, fresh foods and drinks. It would be wonderful if you could share our website or facebook page with any parents you know that could be interested or mention us at a group you attend. As a tiny business it’s hard (read: shockingly expensive!) to reach everyone and we do rely our friends and followers to help us.

Good Luck with your own New Year Resolutions….stay strong , keep going and have an amazing 2016 filled with as much fun and laughter as you can possibly squeeze in.

Suzanne x

January 03, 2016 — Suzanne Moore


Jools said:

Join me dancing & singing anytime in the kitchen especially when the boys are out, we should get the street to do a cycle day. And as far as decorating the kids bedroom – I’ve been saying that for the last 3yrs!!!
I’m sure you’ll get a lot done from your list.

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