Since launching Nom Nom Kids I have discovered so many interesting blogs and met (virtually) some lovely supportive people that have helped me spread the word about our Reusable Pouches. I want to introduce you all to some of the brilliant blogs that we love....

Bramblebites megan and Abel 

First Up is....Bramblebites

Megan is a full time mum to gorgeous Abel and we first met when she was part of the #Instaweanteam on Instagram. Megan has been sharing recipes and weaning tips since Abel was 8 months old. She also organises meet ups for parents in the Glasgow area and has recently added a store to her blog selling hand drawn designs.

I asked Megan a few questions about blogging.... 

Why did you start a Blog?
I started my blog after much persuasion from my other half. I only had my instagram feed to start with and it grew so quickly that it made sense to start some sort of blog to share recipes where people could access them easily. 

How would you describe your Blog?
My blog isn't something I take too seriously, I think it should be something fun that you enjoy. If I had to choose 3 words to describe it I would say easy-going, honest and fun....I would like to add that it's jam packed with great recipe ideas for snacks and meal times.

 Bramblebites Instagram feedBramblebites Abel eatingbramblebites chicken with creamy bacon pastaBramblebites snack plate

What have you got out of the experience?
Friends, confidence, freebies (i'm not ashamed to say it haha!), opportunity and a sense of community. I could go on but I would say those are the biggies. I have met so many amazing people from doing Bramble Bites, some I speak to every day and it is amazing. It has also helped me feel more confident in myself, from hosting meet ups to helping others over social media. Also being a stay at home mum it helped me feel like I had something else to focus on and do for me.

What are the downsides to Blogging?
It can be frustrating. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have either got fed up with how my blog looks or felt like I have nothing to write. I just take a step back and remember its meant to be enjoyable and not to compare myself with others too much.

How do you see your blog changing?
Even from when I first started I feel it has changed slightly, I think change is good though. I feel more confident writing about different things now and when I do those posts seem to go down well so who knows where it will go in future!

What was your most popular post?
My most popular photo was probably one I shared of a sign outside a cafe that said breastfeeding mums could come get a free tea/coffee, I thought it was a lovely gesture and really positive but as you can imagine it caused quite a debate. I think my most popular blog post was one of my recent ones about what I would tell my new mum/pregnant self which I loved writing.

What are your thoughts on Nom Nom Kids Reusable Food Pouches?
I love Nom Nom Kids pouches because they are convenient, fun, easy to use/clean, good for the environment and they just make being a parent that little bit easier! Honestly these have to be one of my favourite food products for little ones, they last for ages and I can see us continuing to get them for years to come. 

What are your favourite recipes for our pouches?Reusable Food Pouch nom nom kids Bramblebites Abel
My favourite pouch recipes... my first one is quite simple but it is the one we use it for most and Abel loves it - warm milky porridge with mashed banana & cinnamon. He also loves smoothies, 2 of my favourites that we have done would be a purple smoothie which is half a banana, 1 cooked beetroot, a small handful of blueberries and half an apple or a tablespoon of stewed apple if you have any. The other would probably be greek yoghurt with a fruit puree, so easy and quick but delicious, we loooove Greek yoghurt in this house.

Thank you Megan for answering my questions! I can really recommend giving Bramblebites a follow if you have little ones. See links below....pop over and say hi to her!


October 20, 2015 — Suzanne Moore

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