We are just about recovered from The Big Feastival activities at the weekend.  It really was a fantastic event and we got to enjoy a little bit of the atmosphere each evening after spending a day telling lots of lovely parents about our pouches. I was thrilled to see the reactions of parents that hadn't heard about reusable pouches before. So many Mum;'s and Dad's tell me how they always thought there should be a way to re-fill the magic pouches that their little one's love so much!

As you know one of our activities at The Big Feastival was to collect waste disposable pouches and baby wipe wrappers. We placed posters all over the site to ask parents to bring us their waste but although we did get some items being brought to us I was slightly dissapointed with how many found their way to us. Unfortunately the organisers didn't help to push this for us and therefore a lot of these items did end up in the standard waste bins all heading to landfill.  A few wonderful people brought me their's so I didn't come away empty handed at all, just take a look at this lot!

I can understand the extra effort that it would have taken for parents to get to me as some parents were clearly struggling with juggling some tired & hungry little ones. There was certainly no rest for those with mobile tiny ones!

I would really like to urge any parents that use pouches such as Ella's Kitchen, Hipp, Plum and any other food pouch to look around for their nearest collection point and start to save these items for dropping off whenever they can. You can see more information about the pouch collections on the Terracycle website or here

Maybe you run a baby store or a baby/toddler class and could become a collection point for your community.  It doesn't take too much effort and you can raise 2p for each item collected for charity. Give it a go if you can and help save thousands of these items from landfill.




September 02, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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