Nom Nom Kids Reusable Food Pouches toddler picnic snacks in the parkWe had a play date in the park yesterday with 2 of my lovely friends and their little ones. As it was such a warm day I went armed with lots of pouches filled with fruit puree as a treat. I popped them in a little lunch bag along with a cool pack and drinks for my 2.

Stanley, Tom and Sebby are all 3 and they had a lovely time scooting to the park together and then playing on the slides and swings. Nancy is now 22 months old and she chased along at the park trying to keep up whilst gorgeous Martha at 9 months watched on, loving all the fun and games. Next year they'll all be running around together! Where does the time go.

Nom Nom Kids Reusable Food Pouches toddler baby weaning picnic snacks in the parkMartha and Nancy needed their pouches early on and they sat so lovely together on a blanket. Nancy being a pro wolfed hers down quickly! Martha needed a little bit of help but she loved watching Nancy eating hers so no doubt she’ll be eating them all on her own soon! Both of them giggled at the lion in between eating which was very cute!


The boys kept running around some more all declaring themselves the winner in every race! By the end of it they were all exhausted. Tom and Stanley climbed into the backs of the double buggies for the big push home whilst poor Sebby had to scoot. He had his pouch before setting off and seemed revived enough to make it back.It was such a lovely morning but sadly Sebby and his mummy had to head off back to their home in Switzerland the next day. Hopefully they’ll be back again for more fun soon.

I would love to hear how you use your pouches, do you take them on day trips, send them to nursery or just use them at home?



July 31, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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