Reduce packaging waste or go waste free!

Instead of sending your little one off in the morning with a lunch box full of pre packed food, each portioned in their own generally non-recyclable packages or wrapping their sandwiches in cling-film/foil, consider the other more eco friendly options on the market:

Reusable Food Pouches

Well, I can't start telling you all about everyone else's marvellous products and not mention our own Reusable Pouches first can I?! Use our fabulous Nom Nom Kids Reusable Pouches to store smoothies, fruit purees, yogurts, custards, desserts, pasta sauce etc in your child's lunch box.  The pouches are durable and will not leak so they are ideal for storing liquids. They are mess free and best of all can be resealed so none of your child's uneaten food is splattered around the interior of their lunch box. Bannish Yogurt pots, tetra packs, squishy bags and metal pouches by using this pouch only! Bring it home, wash it and reuse it over and over again.

Reusable Food bags for your Sandwiches and snacks

There is a growing market for reusable wrappers and zipper bags to hold your Sandwiches or your "dry" snack such as grapes, raisins, biscuits or crackers. They are generally made of fabric with a wipe clean liner of food safe material and fully washable.

The Wrapper, Eco Snack Wrap, keep leaf are just a few of the options availlable.

Image of Apple & Pear Sandwich Wrap

There are also hundreds of home made options currently on Etsy which would brighten up anyone's lunch box.

Food & Snack containers

These Ikea Pruta containers have by far been the best value and handiest items that I have in my cupboard. I use the smaller items every day to send food in my son's lunch bag or store leftovers in the fridge or freezer. I love them and a pack of 17 boxes cost just £3! They may not be the coolest but they do the job well.  Use the smaller boxes for raisins, crackers, bread stickers, rice cakes, flap jacks etc instead of buying individual pre packaged snacks or wrapping them in cling film or foil.

Food protectors

Banana Guard are a Canadian brand that have cleverly created hard plastic cases for banana's, sandwiches and other fruits that can get easily damaged. These aren't an essential lunch box item but we quite like them.

Banana Guard, Froot Guard, Froot Case, S'wich Guard


Do you have any other great reusable products to share? Please feel free to comment and I can add them in.



January 07, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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