Mr Nom Nom and I have some child free time this weekend to do some much needed chores around the house.....and go out for a little drink of course.

Our biggest left yesterday to spend the weekend at my parents and it's the in laws turn to have our littlest today. Nancy is now great with eating (if not rather messy as she does like to pick it all up with her hands and spread it around the high chair tray!). I usually send her with a meal for tea and some smoothies and then she eats whatever everyone else is eating for breakfast and lunch.

They are all going over to a friends house for tea today so I needed to send her with something easy to prepare and not too hard to eat without a high chair at hand. I was a bit unprepared for this so I quickly sorted out some pasta and then mixed up a lovely creamy pesto pasta sauce in a pouch which they can pour over the pasta. They can either prepare it all at their friends house or prepare it before they go. Nancy eats pasta really well off a fork so it should be a pretty mess free meal as long as they keep her fingers out of it! They'll also take some extra veg sticks for her to munch on and finish off with a smoothie or yogurt in a pouch.

I know I'm biased but I just love having my pouches for times like this! They make packing so much easier.


January 04, 2014 — Suzanne Moore

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